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Clinical Practice Improvement

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 About Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI)

The Clinical Practice Improvement Department is primarily responsible for the oversight, development, implementation, and monitoring of clinical service models to align them with evidence-based, best practices with the goal of maintaining and improving the quality and safety of care, supports and services for individuals we serve.

The key functions of the CPI Department are to set the standards for best practices, implementation of clinical protocols and guidelines, and facilitates the implementation of standardized models of care. The team performs outcome measurement, performance improvement projects, conducts Fidelity reviews and monitoring. 

In short, they are responsible for driving the clinical standard of care through technical assistance to the entire network of clinical providers. They identify solutions to gaps in care and help to facilitate coordination of care and smooth care transitions network-wide.

Some of the services this team provides includes assisting in the development, implementation, and monitoring of clinical service models to align them with evidence-based, best and/or promising practices while assessing workforce needs, and strategically planning and implementing ways to address the gaps through training and Grantsmanship:

  • Fidelity Monitoring & Technical Assistance
    • The aim of this area is to be the standardization and improvement of integrated treatment services throughout the Detroit/Wayne County region for persons with severe mental illness. Members of the team conduct site visits of provider programs to collect baseline and performance monitoring data to contribute to clinical practice improvement.
  • Grantsmanship & Program Evaluation Support
    • Our team is designed to help organizations shape program ideas, find grant resources, and provide support letters for grant proposals. Online support in the areas of grantsmanship and program evaluation 101 are available here. Take a look at the contents below to find information on all aspects of grant writing.
  • Research Advisory Committee
    • The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding all research and evaluation conducted which proposes to involve services consumers and/or providers in the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority's (Authority) service system to ensure that the research conducted does not place an undue burden on, or otherwise negatively affect, stakeholders.

The CPI also employs a Veteran Navigator which helps Wayne County Vets and families in the Wayne County area.  Click HERE for more information.

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