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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning is...

... a process that seeks to set a strategic direction and plan to advance the organization’s interests and ensure long-term growth and sustainability.   It does this by setting policy priorities, developing action plans for continuous quality improvement on the micro and macro level.
The overall purpose of an organizational strategic plan is to support the organization’s business through continuous quality improvement. This primarily means developing a cascading process to engage and inform stakeholders including providers, employees, persons served, family, advocates, the community and the general public in our quality improvement activity. 
The function of the Strategic Plan is to provide a strategy and action items for the Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Plan (QAPIP) at Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.  The Strategic Plan will serve as the guiding map for all internal and external quality improvement, including annual quality improvement and strategic objectives within DWIHN, and providers, including responsibility assignments, performance measurements and evaluation.
For questions or comments, please send an email to our Strategic Planning Team

The Mission and Vision Statements provide the inspirations for DWIHN and describe what we aim to achieve in the mid-to-long term. Values are the core principles and define the DWIHN culture and identity. The six Pillars are the focus areas that help realize the Vision and a call to action to point employees in the right direction with Information Systems as the foundation for supporting success across each of the Pillars.

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