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Brochures, Policies & Reference Documents

  1. ADOS-2 Evaluation Algorithms [pdf]
  2. ASD Benefit Back-Up Authorization Form and Instructions [pdf]
  3. ASD Benefit WSA Stats Calculation Instructions 03.18.16 [pdf]
  4. ASD Benefit Waiver Frequently Asked Questions [pdf] - rev.06.16.17
  5. ASD Parent Welcome Letter [pdf] 07.01.19
  6. Autism Brochure [pdf]
  7. Consent to Coordinate Care Form [pdf]
  8. DWMHA ASD Benefit Audit Compliance Guide 08.24.16 [pdf]
  9. DWMHA ASD Benefit Case Transfer Re-entry Form [pdf] rev.06.16.17
  10. DWMHA ASD Benefit Clinic Locations [pdf] rev.06.16.17
  11. DWMHA ASD Benefit Dx Capacity Without ABA Service Capacity 01.04.16 [pdf]
  12. DWMHA ASD Benefit Fee Schedule [pdf] Effective 10.01.16
  13. DWMHA ASD Benefit Flowchart [pdf] rev.06.16.17
  14. DWMHA ASD Benefit IPOS Holder Welcome Letter [pdf] rev.06.16.17
  15. DWMHA ASD Benefit MCPN CRSP ASD Provider Coding Transition Clarification 09.27.16 [pdf]
  16. DWMHA ASD Benefit Scanned Document Requirements [pdf] rev.06.16.17
  17. DWMHA ASD Benefit Scope of Services 07.25.17 [pdf]
  18. DWMHA ASD Benefit Staffing Audit Tool 04.28.16 [pdf]
  19. DWMHA ASD Benefit Telepractice Guide 06.16.16 [pdf]
  20. DWMHA ASD BH Benefit Comprehensive Diagnosis Evaluation Form 02.19.16 [pdf]
  21. DWMHA Autism Benefit Instructional Guide [pdf] 06.12.19
  22. DWMHA Autism IPOS Training Form 01.7.15 [pdf]
  23. DWMHA ASD Clinical Practice Standards Manual.Rev02.08.19 [download]
  24. M-CHAT-R - With Scoring Guide [pdf]
  25. MDHHS ASD Benefit Policy [pdf]
  26. MDHHS ASD Benefit Policy Update [pdf]
  27. MEMO - Authorization Timeline Request [pdf] 06.13.17