The Ambassadors are men and women who through extensive training and lived experience, are sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with interested groups throughout Wayne County.  After receiving their certification, the Ambassadors have taken their skills to peers and students at Wayne County Community College, Northeast Guidance, churches, and various clubhouses and drop-in centers.  The goal is to champion mental health as a part of whole body wellness, while eliminating the stigma that has challenged mental health services for years.

The Ambassadors can be prepared to talk about a variety of subjects, including Self-Determination, Person-Centered Planning, Recovery, Combating Stigma, and more.  They can also provide brochures for display tables and answer questions.  There is no charge for their presence or presentations, and they can speak and address questions for 15 minutes or longer.

If you think the Ambassadors could fit into one or more of your existing programs, please send a message and we will respond, based on your request.  It will be helpful if you can provide us with time, location, meeting theme, and approximate number of participants. Email: