Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network holds many events and community outreach activities throughout each year.  Your donations will help to offset the costs of participation and life goal achievements by and for the people we serve.

Here are just a few donation options for you to consider:

Dreams Come True
Your donations will allow DWIHN to provide "mini-grants" to assist members with turning their dreams into reality. For example past donations have been used for business ventures and self-improvement initiatives. 
Reaching for the Stars
Reaching for The Stars Award Ceremony & Ball is an elegant evening of dinner, dancing, and recognition. The event is a collective effort of the ten Detroit Wayne Clubhouses whose members have been lovingly and thoughtfully planning and coordinating what will be a special night. Primarily, the event was envisioned to recognize clubhouse members and their community of supports, as well as their peers living with intellectual, developmental, and substance use disorders. The event further aims to raise awareness about clubhouses and similar social models that support people have a second chance at life.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness holds its annual event in Detroit as a way of stomping out stigma associated with mental illness. Each year, DWIHN has a team of walkers who come out and show their support. Money donated will allow the organization to continue to advocate and educate, promoting mental health awareness throughout the community.
If you require assistance or more information, please contact our Communications Director Tiffany Devon at


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