DWIHN Coding Manual Bulletins

Bulletin 24-001: Children's Evidenced-Based Services

Bulletin 24-002: Group Therapy Staff Credentials

Bulletin 24-003: Mobile Methadone Modifier

Bulletin 24-004: Add-on code 99417

Bulletin 24-005: Ux Modifiers

Bulletin 24-007: Hospital Discharge (Replaces Bulletin 23-007)

Bulletin 23-001: Home Based Services

Bulletin 23-002: U7 Modifier (Replaces Bulletin 20-009)

Bulletin 23-003: Behavioral Assessment

Bulletin 23-004: Supported Employment Y Modifiers

Bulletin 23-005: Job Coaching

Bulletin 23-006: Q codes for Sublocade Admin

Bulletin 23-007: Hospital Liaison Service for Children

Bulletin 23-008: PASRR (Replaces Bulletin 15-006)

Bulletin 23-009: Vivitrol Injections (Replaces Bulletin 22-006)

Bulletin 23-010: Private Duty Nursing

Bulletin 22-003: New Inpatient Modifiers v3

Bulletin 22-004: Peer Services (Replaces Bulletin 22-001)

Bulletin 22-005: Atypical Meds in SUD Residential

Bulletin 22-007: Use of H0031-BI for Biopsychosocial (Replaces Bulletin 22-002)

Bulletin 21-002: Bundled Auths for H2015

Bulletin 21-003: Therapeutic Camping

Bulletin 21-004: Telephone E&M Codes

Bulletin 21-005: Peer Oral Health

Bulletin 20-001: Use of H2015 and H0043

Bulletin 20-003: Opioid Treatment Program Benefit

Bulletin 20-004: CWP & SEDW Code Changes

Bulletin 20-005: H0043 Retirement of H0043 and Use of H2015

Bulletin 20-007: Third Judicial Circuit Court Clinic for Child Study

Bulletin 20-008: Use of H2015 and T2027 with Modifiers

Bulletin 20-010: Mental Health Services in the Wayne County Jail (replaces Bulletin 18-006)

Bulletin 19-001: Substance Use Disorder State Target Response Block Grant

Bulletin 19-002: Use of Bundled Authorization Codes

Bulletin 19-004: Use of Codes & Modifiers for Infant Mental Health services

Bulletin 19-005: SUD Codes for Masters-level Staff & non-Masters level Staff

Bulletin 19-006: Autism – Assessment to Determine Eligibility

Bulletin 19-007: Hospital Liaison Service for Children - LI Modifier

Bulletin 18-001: Use of the H0031 Billing Code

Bulletin 18-002: SUD Residential Services

Bulletin 18-004: Third Judicial Circuit Court, Clinic for Child Study