MHWIN Application Programming Interface (API)

The provider API allows a third-party application to access information about the DWIHN provider network.  This information is returned to the application in a machine-readable format.  Please review the documentation in the provider API documentation link below. 

The patient API allows a consumer-based third-party application to connect to a consumer’s personal healthcare data using a healthcare application on their phone or computer.  DWIHN does not provide the application.  If a consumer has an application and desires to connect to DWIHN to get their information, this API will allow them to do so.  The third-party application developer should fill out the request form contained in the documentation to start the process of connecting their application to the DWIHN healthcare data.  Please review the documentation in the patient API documentation link below. 

Provider API Documentation (Payer Data Exchange - PCE User Manual)

Patient API Documentation (PCE Care Management v9.4)