DWIHN Major Projects & Initiatives

DWIHN Crisis Assessment Center Development

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) is in the process of expanding widely needed mental health crisis centers and has selected the Woodward Facility (8726 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI) for renovation. The Woodward Facility was originally a library and in the early 2000’s converted into a child / family care facility.

DWIHN / DPD / City of Detroit Behavioral Health Partnership

Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) in partnership with the Detroit Police Department and the City of Detroit’s Housing and Revitalization Department announced in December 2020, a groundbreaking new partnership that will bring additional behavioral health support to police officers, 911 call takers and homeless outreach workers when they encounter citizens experiencing mental health challenges.


DETROIT @ WORK Initiative

DWIHN and Detroit@Work which is the city of Detroit Employment program are partnering to help find employment and to connect people to mental health resources if needed.


CIT Gold Program

DWIHN has received the gold program certification in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). 
To learn more, check out the DWIHN CIT website: https://www.detroitwaynecit.org/