Darius Robinson: Coping with COVID-19

Darius Robinson: Coping with COVID-19

How did I dealt with Quarantine

I dealt with it by spending time at home with family and friends, checking up on people that I haven’t talk to in a good while and keeping them in good spirits. Other things I’ve done were to teach my daughter how to ride a bike and taught my son to potty train. Next was school work and homework, which are the main important things to do every morning, Monday thru Friday, including zoom conferences with teachers (lol).

A few of the downfalls of COVID-19 were: being in the house all the time without having a car at times. It was hard… and no sports(lol). What can we do without LIVE sports, especially for people who watch sports all the time.

Mental health is very important. At times likes this we need support from others to keep our mind of things that are happening in the world we live in today. I try learning new things, paying attention to the stock market and playing spades (Still need practice. Don’t judge me. LOL). Taking walks or catch up on tv shows and/or movies something that you can do while you are at home. Also, learn a new skill, home exercises, and cook different foods that you always wanted to try.

All-in-all, COVID-19 caused me to look at things differently. We have to enjoy life, appreciate each other, and be kind to others.

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