Hassan: Don't Worry About Failing, Just Work Hard

Hassan: Don't Worry About Failing, Just Work Hard

Hassan is a personable, energetic and friendly person whose smile and personality light up the room. He has been with Services To Enhance Potential (STEP) since 2004, mainly working in facility-based skill building/production. He excelled at it, but each time employment was discussed, Hassan thought he wasn’t ready. STEP continued presenting him with employment opportunities until it paid off.

In April 2019, an opportunity came along that finally sparked his interest, a paid internship at FEAST Detroit, preparing and packaging hot sauces and other food items for small companies. From the very start, Hassan loved his job and FEAST Detroit loved him. He increased his hours and graduated to other duties within the company.

"If you work hard, don't worry about failing, you tried,” said Hassan. “When I started working at STEP, for 16 years it felt like an adventure, every day I was working I was building my skills. I never let anything stop me. I was a slow worker, but I got the job done. Even if I failed, I kept on asking. If you never ask, how would you not know? STEP was my stepping stone, it made me grow to a successful person. If I never found STEP, I would never have found FEAST."

In July 2019, Hassan was the first person hired as an employee at FEAST Detroit through this internship. In addition to obtaining employment, he began arranging his own transportation to work and applying for MetroLift with little assistance. He also uses Uber so he never misses work.

Hassan has remained employed though the COVID-19 pandemic and loves to talk about his journey and his success!

To learn more about STEP, which is an employment and skill building provider funded through the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, follow them on Facebook @enhancepotential or Instagram @servicestoenhancepotential or visit STEPcentral.org. For more info on FEAST Detroit, https://www.feastdetroit.com/

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