Mike Shaw: Walking For Health

Mike Shaw: Walking For Health

Walking for Health: By Michael Shaw

Walking can be a great source of exercise.  It’s low impact, can deliver similar benefits as jogging, and can be done indoors as well as outside.  It usually requires only comfortable clothes and shoes, and a safe place to stroll.  So what’s stopping you!  I’m going to recommend some interesting and relatively secure places where you can “get your step on” in the D!

  1. The Riverwalk: This area along the Detroit River extends 3.5 miles from the former Joe Louis Arena site to Gabriel Richard Park.  I recommend you only walk this area during the daylight hours.  It offers a picturesque view of Canada (Caesars Windsor and other buildings), islands such as Belle Isle, and the coasts of both sides of the border. There are shops, benches, and places to stop, rest and socialize along the way. Bring a friend or be adventuresome and approach someone.
  2. Hart Plaza:  The fountain there used to be a great attraction, especially for kids, but they have turned it off.  Don’t fear, this is still a great place to stroll and view the Detroit/Windsor riverfront. The Renaissance Center is right next door. It hosts some great restaurants and well as an indoor area, decent in itself for strolling!   
  3. Greektown:  So you don’t have the money to go to Mykonos! Go to Detroit’s “Little Greece” instead! This long established neighborhood, just east of downtown is a great place to stroll both day and night.  There are a few benches to sit (some in the Greektown Casino complex), as well as famous restaurants to eat.  Just remember, you’re there primarily to walk. 
  4. Downtown Woodward Avenue and the surrounding area:  Many new shops, restaurants, and clubs have been opened downtown recently.  Take advantage of this beneficially externality and walk the area.  Recommended only in the daytime when there are not special events or ball games!
  5. The Cultural Center:  The area around Woodward Avenue, Warren, Farnsworth, and Cass, hosts Wayne State University, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Detroit Historical Museum, the Main Detroit Public Library, and other venues.  Walk around the area or within the venues.  Recommended only within the venues during operational hours and outside during daylight hours.
  6. Malls:  Places such as Fairlane, Eastland Center, Southland, etcetera, can be great places to walk indoors and out. Recommended only during hours of operation, preferably during daylight hours. 
  7. Your neighborhood:  This can be tricky depending on where you live. I don’t recommend this if you live in a high crime area.  If you do decide to stroll your neighborhood, you should probably do this with someone else or in a group, and only during daylight hours.
  8. Indoors or your backyard: You can walk in a circle in a secure enclosed area such as a basement or large room, such as a living room.  If you walk your backyard, keep an eye out on your surroundings!   
So get out there and stroll!  It’s great exercise, a chance to see the city, and possibly make a new friend or two along the way!

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